Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NY Times talks 'Etsy'

NY Times did a great article on Etsy and how 'handmade' is becoming the new black.
you can read it here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

dos perros

this is what happens when i've had a little too much Twin Peaks and too many mimosas....i get on the floor and i think the dogs are actually posing for me. more here:

Friday, December 14, 2007

i love the etsy community

i just got a message from someone on letting me know that they had featured my tea towels on their blog, project felt. her blog is interesting, and now I have yet another one to add to my "list-of-daily-blogs-to-read-pass-away-my-first-hour-of-work". it just keeps getting bigger. her etsy shop is also very cool, featuring an array of functional yet attractive felt goods. i love these little nesting bowls:

i wish i had more time to read all of the blogs I want to read and create all the posts I really want to post and look back on...i really feel overwhelmed right now with wanting to be creative, but having to have a day job and still being broke all the time. i feel like this 'living paycheck to paycheck' will never end. and then there's the house that needs all of these owning a home sucks sometimes...can't I just be a squatter? and then there's the credit card debt. it never ends.
i just want to craft all the time, and meet crafty people and go drink coffee inbetween my main job as a crafter. that's my christmas wish.
on a lighter note (sorry 'bout the downer!)..there are so many things on Etsy that I want to get maddie for christmas that i can't choose. she needs some art for her room so i'm thinking some cool prints. but is a 13 year old going to like the same ones that I think are way cool? here are some things i want to get her: bunny girl, antler girl, recycle bag, animal lover clutch, birch card, letterpress calender, handprinted fabric, woodsy wallet, turntable ipod case(i think she'd really dig this), cool ashleyg print (i liked this for josh), auntycookie fabrics.....just to name a few. and we all know this is stuff that I secretly want..pulled it straight from my etsy favorites!
but she also would really appreciate money donated to a charity, or some other heart-warming, for-a-good-cause gift. that's why we love her!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

makin' ornaments-is it really christmas?

veggin'.....enjoying the 70 degree pre-christmas weather.
daddy & daughter....
the tree in all it's artificial glory. (no tree killin here!!!)
maddie, the bar mitzvah-attending queen...
more ornaments...
veggies...hummus...homemade guac....simpsons...fabric...perfect night.
so we put up the tree and decorated this past saturday. it was abnormally warm... it felt wrong putting up the tree, like we were prepping for christmas in july. we had all the windows open in the house and it was 70 degrees. but we did make gingerbread pancakes and go to the new east nashville record store 'Groove', so it was really a pleasant and laid back day.
maddie and i had a simpsons night, had 'finger foods' for dinner, vegged out and made christmas ornaments out of scraps I had lying around...they turned out great and were a great addition to the tree! i love nights like that.
i had a little cluster of etsy orders to get out, but things are slowing down...i guess it's too close to the big day and people were ordering for gifts. i have no idea it's christmas right now. i have no money, the weather is bi-polar, i'm slacking on making everyone's gifts and it just doesn't feel like christmas. blah. i'm having a major case of the bah-humbugs. it'll pass.