Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HelpTylerPay gentleman friend got into a bicycle accident, broke his hip in 3 places and is without insurance.
His Baptist Hospital experience consisted of an ER visit, surgery with a bad-ass Dr. Kurtz, 2.5 day stay in the geriatric-filled joint-replacement wing of the hospital, lots of pain medication and physical therapy.
The future holds multiple follow-up x-rays, physical therapy sessions, pain medication and Dr.'s visits.
Can you say "$$$CH..CHING$$$?" That's alotta 'bones'. (pun intended)
Anyhow...for the small handful of folks who might actually read this blog from time to time, if you're feeling warm-hearted and generous and would like to donate to his medical expenses, I have created a Paypal account solely for his MedBills.
***Also, all proceeds for purchases made at Etsy shops theorangebicycle and flannelchannel will go to the "HelpTylerPay" cause.***
Send any donations (xS to xL) to or feel free to send well wishes, experiences, stories, correspondence and the like. If you're not an E-pay person and would like to send a check, please contact me at the same email address.
I am very aware that many of us are currently in financial dire straits so $1 or twenty of them would be whole-heartedly appreciated.

1 metal rod through femur, 2 screws, & 1 wire holding departed bone chunk into place = "Open Reduction Internal Fixation"

Monday, February 2, 2009


Looney and I, wandering (driving) late night in search of a tasty martini found ourselves at The Hermitage Hotel. According to her, their martini's are the "ess aich I t" and the experience to boot.
So, we stumble down to the basement bar only to find them closing early per the cleaning people's toxic carpet-cleaning fumes.

Bartender: "You're welcome to enjoy you're beverage by the fire in the lobby."
Looney: "That sounds great."
Me: "Giddy-up."

So, after taking a tour of the Gentleman's amazing bathroom swaddled in black and jadeite marble, jadeite urinals and shiny black shoe-shining chairs, we hit the floor face to face with the toasty fire, martini's in hand.
A combination of our chats, the delicious martini with hand-stuffed bleu cheese olives, the warmth, one of the most beautiful lobby's I'd ever seen, the dim fire light, and the presence of my dear friend Katherine made it one of the most enjoyable late evenings I have had in quite the while.
Thanks, Lady...I needed that.