Tuesday, June 30, 2009


going through my flickr today and found this Holga shot of Gieves. i can't place quite why, but it's definitely one of my favorite shots from that camera. it's weirdly washed out, but night time...i don't know. also looks kinda timeless, in my opinion, b/c there's nothing really dated in the photo, that is, unless you know Gieves. could be from 1980 or 2008.
but 1st glance says "1960's beachy".

Monday, June 29, 2009

one bag. first beet.

materials: vintage military straps. linen.

materials: seed. soil. water. ho. water. lots of mosquito bites.


striving for production of more unisex handmade goods.
materials: vintage military.
made: for newlywed steve in uk. 
measurements: fits a bottle of Bulleit just perfectly.

Friday, June 26, 2009

diagram love, pt. 2

thank you interwebs.

inspiration holster

so, pretty soon the orange bicycle will be on the backburner and new interests will take over. i'm over the crazy busy print-whore mass produced style fabrics. i don't desire to bare these fabrics myself so why am i making things with them? i just wanted to sell? i suppose. anyone can buy some etsuko furuya fabric and make a bag, a pouch, a "______". right?
so now, i have to be a good seamstress. pay attention to detail and not let the busy fabrics hide the lack of creativity.
natural. used. flawed. unisex. old. battered. loved. story-filled. original. classic is what i crave.
i want to make what i myself would desire to retrieve.

new ideas in the making and a new shoppe in the works. new name. new style. lots of new inspirations. one of a kind. practical. motivating. enjoyable for me to create. ( #1)


diagram love

paper crane friday.
thank you, unruly things!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


seaweed salad. $4 plus tax.
carrot-beet-ginger-kale-lemon-garlic juice. $5.36 + $1 tip.
but deliculous.

it's raining and dark.

so i want some pretty.
(thanks to this blog).


(((((((((((i want to be somewhere else)))))))))))))))

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we love bobby.

really. not one person can say a bad thing about him. and Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville wouldn't run without him, or his wit. (per below)

email from Bobby, re: 1st Floor dishwasher.

We have just replaced a DISHWASHER in the Admin bldg. The dishwasher is designed to wash and sanitize your plates, utensils, etc. It is NOT a DISPOSAL.
The reason we replaced the dishwasher is the food particles that were not cleaned off the plates clogged up the drain line and therefore burned up the pump motor. No pump, no drain, no dishwasher! You get the picture.
Everything is okay. No one got hurt. Damage control was done and everything is back in working order and there is joy in Mudville again!
However, may I suggest that you scrape your plates in the FOOD DISPOSAL after eating; rinse the plates in the SINK; and then place them in the DISHWASHER. This may prevent down time for repairs and/or replacement and not to mention the cost of a new machine.
I know this email sounds WISHY WASHY, but it's really just FOOD for thought. Hopefully, the message will SINK in and everyone will enjoy the many things that Sony provides for us.
As always, I thank you in advance for all your help and cooperation.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the cool kid(z)

searching through some old files, i stumbled across this awesome homemade video starring my favorite little lady teenager chik who I'll hopefully be sharing a "catch-up-updates-tellmestuff" dinner this week or next. prolly fajitas or sushi. then some ice cream.
for sure worth a re-watch and some sharing.
( video credits go to dad of said awesome chik, spring '08)