Friday, February 29, 2008

Why, Frye....why?????

why does Frye do this to me? these cost $348!!! i think these are the hottest pieces of ass I've ever seen. i have the Harness boot and i love them, and they're awesome and I know these would be worth every penny...but I could never. it's ludicris. it's ridonkulous!
i wouldn't have even bought the Harness boots @ $200...they were a house-warming gift from my friend/realtor/sugar mama Stephanie. she loves me b/c I'm awesome. just like these boots. (if there are any other sugar momma's or daddy's out there...I'm an 8.5)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no more's snowing!!!!!

i'm at work...and it's snowing!
it's snowing! not raining! it's snowing!!! not raining!!!! i can't emphasize what a treat this is...the weather has been complete crap this month...teasing us...too cold, but no precipitation...warms up and the rain comes. but today...the two finally met in the middle.
that sesac building is my view and it's not crappy grey's perty white swirling snowflakes!
still a small downer...not only are my cramps worse, but i think they are pro-creating and now my cramps are having little cramp babies. cramps having cramp babies-is this happening?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


today, i am down. i've been teetering up lately... new break-up, new life changes, new trips, new friends- things have been roller coasting in my head since the new year. i think i've done good. but today...i don't know. it's grey outside. cold & rainy. shitty time at the post office. i've seen some things i didn't want to see, i've heard some things i didn't want to hear. i've been thinking waaay too much because i am in my head alot. every day. all the time. i feel like every bad and stupid thing i've done is creeping up on me..."..if i'da done this, would things be different?....if i'da said this, would that have made things better?"...i think about all the new differences...
i miss cooking with someone.
i miss lazy sundays with a partner in crime.
i miss getting to see my other dog all the time.
i miss the companionship more than the companion. i think.
i hate talking on the phone but my my quiet house has driven me to make calls. now i'm a phone talker.
my house is quiet all the time. there is no laughing...god, i miss laughing. there's noone there to say something funny, or call me 'cutie'. sometimes i just need to a human. george acts like he understands, but he can't talk back. he just gives me love. head on the knee...looking at me with those deep, understanding eyes. paw on the he wants some love. he asks so little.
george misses neko. they're partners in crime. they cuddle. they talk. they wrastle. they still get to do that from time to small moments of companionship have been taken and stowed.
ahhhhh...and here come the cramps. it's all starting to make sense where this is all coming from. of the many gods, whichever one created premenstrualsyndrome-aholic-athon-ville, thank you for making it question your confidence and all around make you feel like absolute and complete shit.
to quote the emotional mullet, does this martini make me look fat???
time to deal.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I baked...

...and it was good. and healthy.
it's like a bowl of oatmeal & fruit in portable form.

3 mashed bananas
3 cups oats
1/2 raisins
handful blueberries
3 chopped dates
1 tsp vanilla

*combine all ingredients: add oats last. form into little cookie'ish shapes and bake 350 for 30 min. (i think next time i'll add some crushed pineapple or applesauce for a little moisture.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

the nutty 'nana yesterday was the not-so-appealing (but no less delicious) banana-mayo-nut combo. today is the deliciosuly delicious banana-peanut butter-raisin combo...drizzled with some local honey, mind you! this one is definitely more like dessert.
this was inspired by the blonde mule's comment on the mayo-nana. thanks blonde mule!

bring on the banana's.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

disgusting deliciousness

ok, i know this sounds really gross and unappetizing, but for some odd reason my mom used to give me a snack of banana, smeared with mayonaise & coated with chopped salty peanuts when i was little. it was delish. i loved it. and it just came back to me recently, so I got a weird hankerin' today at work and thought i'd try it out....still good. surprisingly. it sounds like the most disgusting combo, but i kid you not, give it a try and you too shall is good. i used a plethora of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans) in place of just plane 'ol peanuts...but go nuts.
meghann at work tried it and she's now a fan! yeah...dirty south!

debauchery & no Lotta...

i love how this stick figure looks petrified to pick up the dog poo...

rob & me & bohemian rhapsody...
bar tabac....sighghghghgghhhhhh
my organic steak & fries...i ordered steak!!!
portland jess & the wall.
Purl fabrics..walls and walls of soft heaven.
Hope & Anchor in Red Hook-best karaoke ever!
Tif manning the machine...
well, it's official...i just flushed all of my post new years/post break-up healthy habits down the sh*tter. 5 days of pure debauchery with my Brooklyn ladies has driven me to salads and apples for a week. im a huge water drinker.. thats pretty much all I drink with the exception of alcoholic drinks and the occasional glass of milk...however, it's next to impossible to keep alot of water on you whilst parading the streets of new york. i completely dehydrated myself for 5 days via nightly martini's and vodka tonics, not drinking enough water, and eating lots of delicious salty foods including, but not limited to olives, martinis, french onion soup, open faced goat cheese sandwiches with tapenade (droool) and the list goes on.
enough about my vitamin depletion, now onto the dissapointing Lotta Jansdotter journey. i called her office, got the studio/shop hours, which by the way is only 1 day/wk..Saturday 12-4. ok, so I go to her new 8th st. location, dragging Tiffany, Papo and the other Jessica along with me, only to find NOONE HOME. GONE. OUT. DOOR LOCKED. AND THAT'S IT. i call and leave this pathetic "please call me if you get this from nashville...big fan...yadda yadda" message on her machine. and here i am today. end of story. a little bitter, but no less of a fan.
so now i'm home, back at work...blah blah. i miss it already, and Tif--she was like my roomie for a week and a super-fantabulous, generous, fun host/tour guide/all around fun-leader who shares my love & appreciation for good food and drink.
to re-hash this February NY trip as shortly and sweetly as possible...
arrived valentines night, had good food, good drink, met new portland peeps, drank, woke up, shopped, ate drank, Purl Soho store!!!, karaoke, old dirty bar, ate, sleep, up & at 'em, re-hash awesome karaoke bar that we want to frequent nightly, eat, lots of french food, lots of french bars, got to repeatedly frequent my favorite BarTabac where lots of hot boys work(just a small perk), karaoke at another bar, MC got naked..i mean naked (a lady never tells, but he had the smallest peepee ive ever seen--not that that matters, but he was PROUD) taught Tiffany a little sewing (she made her fist tissue cozy), did some more outing & abouting, food, drink, cancelled flight, more time with Tif, so we got her rolling out her first tote bag and zipper pouch! on her 2nd day of sewing!!! yowza! she good.
im sure i forgot tons, so im prolly gonna have to come back & edit, add, delete, etc.