Friday, January 18, 2008

keep on truckin'

napkins from my awesome new fabric from superbuzzy.
apron using some Lotta goodness.....
hobo'ish bag...
new bag from heavy weight leafy fabric...
i feel like i've been at a stand-still when it comes to making new things. i have been sewing alot for etsy sales, but it's all the same stuff. i'm getting bored. i've had a lot on my mind lately and haven't had the motivation or the mental strength to create new ideas.
i have made a few new things in the past week, as shown above...but i need more.
my goal for the weekend is to make some new styles. i made a bag last night from this pretty leaf-print heavy weight fabric that i've had my eye on at Textile for a while finally went on sale from $24/yd to 30%off so i got a half. i love the green's and the print...but once I made the bag, it's something I, myself wouldn't personally carry. it's's just not me. i guess i'll always just be a simple tote. i also recently made a hobo style bag that sold pretty fast on etsy, so i'll definitely be making more of those.
i've been really into making napkins and dish rags out of my fabric scraps...i knew i was saving them for a reason. photos to come soon. i'm off to Mop Top to get my hair did.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Decor8 feature!!!

a friend emailed me today and told me she saw my shop featured on the Decor8 blog! that is so freakin' exciting! they featured my shop and posted 4 photos of my stuff! (above) I used to look at that blog everyday, but it got pushed out of the loop by all of the other more personal artist blogs i now include in my daily reads. the only things is, my shop is pretty sparse right now since the holidays, so I better get my butt in gear and start putting up some new stuff!
here's the link. it's under the blog titled "Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays".

so, here's hoping that lots of people see it and visit the shop!