Monday, February 22, 2010


i really love the packaging for forest milk, and i bet the milk is delicious out of that nice glass bottle. i wish we all had more access to things like forest milk, for multiple reasons.

here's what i found:
"The cows which produce this milk are free to roam an unused forest all year round. The milk is supposed to taste better, the theory being that happy cows produce better milk. We like the way the tree graphic reflects the typography as well as the simple yet charming addition of tissue paper covering the bottle cap. Nominated for a Japanese 2009 Good Design Award."
"The cows in forest farms are allowed to roam free, and are not given any imported feed. The milk is low-temperature pasteurized, and is said to have a slight green tint at times."


i am obsessed with vintage refrigerator bins/drawers/crispers, etc.
this is by far the most favorite of any collection i have going, and i have alot of collections.
i don't know what it is about these metal pieces of history that bring me that warm-hearted 'love' feeling, outside of their beauty and functionality, but I would go great lengths to make my collection grow.
*update*--i have a new one added to my collection, thanks to Carolyn & David and their keen flea market eyes.....introducing, The Humidrawer!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pole dancing vs. black market

it's amazing, the illegal/immoral thoughts that race through your mind for 27 minutes when thinking of creative money-making schemes to replace the $1,400 in someone else's cash you just thought you lost.