Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008


a face a mother and everyone else could love.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

priced, packed & ready to ship!!

10 tea towels.
11 zipper pouches.
4 tote bags.
here's hopin'!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

hangover at work.

Weenie Tree

sometimes i really love east nashville. more times than not. especially this little corner at 5 points where I Dream of Weenie and the Art & Invention gallery stand. on any given saturday, you'll find a gaggle of giggling hula hoopers just hoopin' around, eatin' hot dogs and bathing in the sun. it captivates me. makes me appreciate the neighborhoodiness of home.
i was driving to work this afternoon and saw this amazing tree while wearing my sunglasses. the leaves were florescent. but i couldn't capture it. even sans polarized lenses though, that tree is amazing.
i realized my sunglasses make everything look better. (even me)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Brunch & Babies

saturday i had breakfast at Marche' with my good friend Looney. we went solely for the coffee but were pleasantly UNsurprised with our delicious culinary choices...mine-the norm...her's-the special. one day i will get something different. she dined on her leek & goat cheese tart with a wilted salad and I, my strawberries & mascarpone with a side of chicken apple sausage while re-hashing our Friday night of black bean salads, whiskey, and an Alias reunion. season 1. (rembaldi device. agent vaughn. it's all coming back.) SD6 REPRESENT!!!

saturday night i got to hang with my 2 favorite kiddo's, Maggie & Greyson. there were glow sticks, strawberries, hide & seek, a few tantrums, lots of crackers and some show called Backyardigans. again and again and again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Small Object and mah Bizzznassss

My friend Meghann at work totally surprised me for my birthday with these awesome little goodies from one of my beloved shops, The Small Object. (see March 7 post). Included in her heart-felt parcel was these little face stickers and a tiny little wooden needle case. It totally made my day...my week! Thanks for paying attention, Meg!!!

Now for some bizzznasssss.....
My very talented and creative friend Carolyn helped me design some business cards the other night and they turned out waaaay better than expected. She creates gocco prints, among other things, and sells them in her Etsy shop, Squirrel Pearl. She also does wedding invitations, announcements of sorts, and the like...ehem...if you need any. Printing the card off at Kinko's proved to turn this awesome teal'ish robins-egg blue color into pretty much a cobalt....so Im gonna have to do some color-correcting, but here it is:

i am so grateful for the friends that I have. when shit goes bad...they're all you got. when shit goes good...they're there to share in the glory. and remind you of who you are. and be completely sane in your craziness. i love'em all. for their creativity. for their appreciation. for their differences. for their optimism. for their honesty. for their understanding and patience. (especially in creating business cards!!!) and i miss Looney. she needs to come back from the boro. dang.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

on my way to work this morning.....

....only in Tennessee.
(pardon the photography...i was, after all, driving)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

birthin' fabric everything....

and so the sewing frenzy begins....gettin' stuff ready to send to the Young Blood Gallery. also...I'm on the waiting list if anyone backs out of the East Nashville Craft Fair...
last night and tonight is all cutting/preparing and then hopefully the rest of the week will be all sewing. zipper pouches and totes, oh my. the sewing room is becoming a mess....and i'm about to move it out back to the studio...so here's to the last night of the yellow, in-house sewing room. farewell, cozy friend.

zipper pouches-to-be.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Longest Day Ever...

Friday started with work...getting out at 2 for our Country Music Hall of Fame tour to view the Hank Williams exhibit, since he is our writer. It was pretty cool. b/c I live here...I haven't made myself go to the CMHF....just like other touristy things I haven't done. like graceland. so our tour was followed by Happy Hour...which was followed by a handful of us continuing our own happy hour and shuffle board tournament at the Red Door West.
Then met some friends at Mad Donna's where I preceded to scavenge everyones food, including, but not limited to, fries, smashed potatoes and more fries.
Needles to say...I continued on to the East side...closed down the Red Door East and was in like Flynn until the wee hours of 5am ending the evening at my house with some friends...a fire...s'mores and cheap beer.
saturday= nausea. 1 large pizza. 1 dr. peppr. 5 hours of Planet Earth-disc 1. couch. fried green tomatoes. a high-alc beer to bring me back to normalcy. sleep.
sunday= beautiful day. cleaning. bike riding. walking george. more bike. happy.
another part of my fabulous sunday included riding my bike to meet my awesomely great friends carolyn and david at 3 crow bar for a delicious outdoorsy Yazoo beer and some people watching...and by people i mean boys.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Young Blood

well-it's time to start gettin' busy sewing. Young Blood Boutique in Atlanta contacted me via Etsy, who they found via Decor8 blog (thanks internet crafting world;) and asked me if I would be interested in having my stuff in their store. ummmm...hell yes?....
i haven't yet motivated myself to get stuff out here in Nashville, except for the aRT hOUSE which was great, and i love that place, but it's all paintings, photography and pottery and really more gallery-type stuff...and then there were my fabric goods. but shit...for some reason Atlanta motivates me...especially since SCAD is there...the arts and crafts community and supporters there is such a large presence. i finally got to visit Shop SCAD...and it was everything I expected and more. very inspiring. i think it's the kick in the pants I need to get moving on creating...and Im so craving getting back into book arts. now that I'm moving my sewing room out to the studio...I'll have more room to spread out, do book arts, screen/block printing and get messy! yee-haw.

things are looking up. weather's getting nice. new crushes. i'm over the broken relationship. i am positive. i am ready to create. my good friend April told me that she hasn't seen me glow or have this much positive energy since...well, since she's known me. i am totally looking at the recent bad happenings as a chance to a new start. i have scrubbed away the remains of that part of my life (except my dogs) and i'm squeaky clean with perseverence! squeaky mf'n clean!

it's time to get ill.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the extinct book

how can we make "the people" stop automatically giving every house phone books? it's such a waste....they should be given upon request.

so-i was just informed of google text. i'm...i'm...flabbergasted. i am way behind the times, i guess. i feel like my mom who just informed me she called the Chamber of Commerce to see when Bonneroo is! bless'er.
so .........................................i just sent a text to google (466453) that read "germantown cafe. nashville tn." and 30 seconds later i had the address and phone # of Germantown plus a "Tip" that read "Tip: get web". ha! smartass.