Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tuesday, Aug 10 2010. 2:34pm

a goal. for 2011, realistically.

quit my day job, have a part timer and sew for the rest. wake up early, sans alarm clock, and walk George to start the day. drink coffee, read and write and begin my day.
the day is full of challenging but rewarding work, and im sure 2 or 3 evenings I will end my day waiting tables...til I really get on my feet. this is my realistic goal, after all.
these days will be different. no day will require the same mundane existence, such as data entry in an office from 9 to 5:30 with an hour for lunch under florescent lights and cubicle neighbors with slightly annoying daily habits. some days won't be awesome, but most will be good and more than ok. i will enjoy life and become more patient since I will have my days to get things done and not have a 6pm to bedtime window or just the weekend to complete my necessary life tasks, squeezing in some fun here and there. my garden will flourish. i will cook more meals and take photos of them for my future food blog. i will get back into food. i won't be afraid to dive into the challenges that once scared me, getting my feet wet every step if the way.
a challenge will be to let things happen and not try to control what life is about to toss my way. live for the moment, not for tomorrow.
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