Tuesday, April 14, 2009

im in love with a doctor.

maybe you've seen him lurking in the snack isle's of your organic grocery store. his name is Kracker. Doctor Kracker. and he tastes delicious. and he's oh, so crunchy and full of pumpkin/sunflower/flax-seedy goodness.
at $5 a box, i think Im going to have to pull some major frankenstein shit and make him myself. can't be too hard, right?
(results of operation "Make Dr. Kracker" to follow)

Friday, April 10, 2009

friday. work. emailz.

From: Gobeille, Jennifer
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 10:14 AM
To: Cheatham, Jessica
Subject: 10 things

#1 - you do 'casual' so well. You are such a cutie pie.
i'm blushing. thank you so much---do you mean apparel-wise? or my non-chalant attitude about this fucking work place?
#2 - haven't chatted in awhile, you doin OK? hangin in there?
i know. i've been actually trying to do alot of work b/c i realize i had really been slackin when mcafee quoted me. i mean--you gotta be pretty much doing nothing for that to happen. things are alright. EDITED...EDITED....EDITED...EDITED....EDITED....for public blog purposes.
#3 - are you able to go to La Puerta Roja later, for just a bit?
was planning on a half a toofer. maybe both.
#4 - how do you feel about the word, "twat"? how do you pronounce it? Ally says Twaaht. I say Twot. I think it is funny.
i love twat. my meemaw Branche said twat. she would say "jessica, go gitcher britches on, i can see your twat". she was foul-mouthed and awesome. she also referenced the vagina as a "pussy". nuff said.
#5 - Last night, everything I ate for dinner came from Riverside Village: Turkey/Avocado sammy from Mitchell's, Sam Adams Light from Citgo, and Red Velvet ice cream from Sip.
way to support the neighborhood jgo!!! i love riverside village and am ashamed to say i still haven't delved into the homemade ice cream spectrum of the hood. of course you got red velvet. i believe they have a chocolate chip mint with my name all over it. i could eat a mitchells sandwich everyday. sip's coffee is the muthfuckin shiznatch. our neighborhood is good...oh!--did you hear all those gunshots last night?
#6 - Can you tell I don't want to werk?
yes. can you tell i dont want to work? can you tell im going to pull my hair out if i have to hear "anonymous" humming anymore? or "anonymous" snapping and signing?
#7 - I bought 2 of those owl plates from fisheddy.
there ya go. you just got payed. they were on sale. you can do many things with owl plates. no guilt and only pure bliss should be felt about this.
#8 - I don't really like the person in charge of me.
i don't either. i think "douche baggery" is in order. possibly, that's too nice.
#9 - I don't really mind the free coffee here. I think I drink too much of it.
i don't mind it every once in a while. i guess i have to come to the conclusion that even though Im not a fan of snobs, i think i could have slight snobbery over my caffeine and cheese intake. i love cheese. have i ever expressed the utmost passion i have for this cow/goat-teet treat? i would quit my job and go work in the cheese deli at whols foods if i had a little more knowledge and thought they were hiring. fuck that--i'd move to the greatest cheeseland of all, out of this country and apprentice with the best cheese makers there are. me queso, su queso.
#10 - You are a sewing goddess.
that is really an extravagant exaggeratory lovely comment. a goddess...ok. i'll take it. but one thing i can't do?....maintenance my machine. ahh, you should have heard the cussing drifting harshly out of the studio last night. "fuck you bobbin! ... why, tension, why?....good god damn...really thread? really???..." and so on. i think that room doesn't need to be red. adds to the anger. feeds the fire. just like an exposed herpie.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Walden Artisan Market

Well, I did my first market/craft fair last (last) weekend. It about gave me the flu prepping for it with a full-time job, but alas, I think I got a good stock of fabric goods made.
The Blonde Mule was kind enough to take some photos since I forgot my camera...the location is an unfinished space available for rent, but until that perseverant new business owner decides to take the plunge in that location, it belongs to us crafter's for a mere $65/weekend, once a month.
yeehaw. giddy-up. sho nuff.