Monday, October 22, 2007

it's raining & i need a craft room

i'm sitting here at work on a monday, drinking a soy dbl latte'-hoping to feel it's benefits soon (aka fake energy), it's raining, and all I can do is search blogs and flickr and martha stewart for pictures of awesome craft rooms. her craft room is awesome, yet way too organized and conservative. (still want it) my craft room really only has a crafty corner..but then the rest is junk that won't fit in the rest of my 800 sq. foot house. this weekend...this weekend it's gonna happen. i'm moving all the junk out to the studio in the back and i'm gonna have the best dang craft room I can afford right now. i mean, even these freakin dolls have a craft room in their dollhouse! wtf man? they can't even move, much less sew!!! i need some storage, some shelves, a few jars, get all the old block prints out,, I can't even focus at work. all I want to do is go home and get started. i just ordered a ton of new fabric today from cia's pallette and quilthome. i found an awesome blog called good-ness. i found her b/c she has an etsy shop from where I bought some fabric--all from Japan, b/c that is where she lives. anyway, more importanly...she has, in her possession, in all it's wonderfully magnificent glory, Lotta Jansdotter fabric!!!!!!!!! i hope to be there the minute she puts it for sale in her shop. i need it. i have to have it.

so, speaking of Lotta Jansdotter, I have been pretty slow about hitting some of the projects in her book Simple Sewing. I also ordered this awesome book from good-ness that was only printed in's also by Lotta Jansdotter called Handmade Projects. i havn't recieved it yet, but it looks awesome. apparently, it's all in Japanese but has drawn out diagrams. here's hopin'!
that soy latte' didn't do a damn thing.
did i mention it's raining?

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leslie said...

love soy.
love lotta.
(don't) love the rain.

i've just added you to the list of people-to-email-before-i-put-the-lotta-fabric-in-my-shop.