Thursday, October 18, 2007

last sewing class

so..last night was my last sewing class. I was taking a night class at Watkins called "It's Sew Easy". and introductory course to sewing. it's taught by the very crafty and talented Beth Howard, who hopefully will be teaching another class on quilting. cause I wanna make quilts. anyway, our last sewing project was this zipper pouch that turned out pretty cool. then when I got home, I made my first wine tote. i think it's my favorite thing I've made. i'm hoping other people will like them and want to give them as christmas gifts, or any gift. i'm really loving sewing...i mean, i love making books, but this is way better. no f'n glue to deal with...just fabric and thread. yowza. here's my wine tote with a real human..sans the wine. needs the bottle for bon-a-fide-ness, but this'll do for now. (thanks ally).

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Dad said...

Love the tote, love the wine, love the seamstress.