Monday, March 24, 2008

sage fright

so, after this amazingly sunshiney & uplifting weekend i was all ready to get my bike tires pumped and ..... alas-today it is snowing after a 70 degree weekend. are we all about to become non...???...just non?
i had a good clean this weekend. opened all the windows. washed linens. aired out rugs and dog beds. made some indian food. did some sewing. visited the parents. shared some emotions. enjoyed martini's and a sense of accomplishment with a significant individual in my life. i feel i had a bit of a soul cleansing as well. im ready to get any negative feelings out of that house. my lovely dear friend katherine left a smudge stick on my door handle for me to do the ultimate home cleanse and purification. maybe this weekend...if it's not snowing and all. it'll most likely be warm. because i need it to be.


Bethany Hissong said...

you and me both!!! What is up with this weather?!!

kjosephinel said...

"sage fright!" hahahahaha!!! hilarious! c'mon now, don't be scared! turn the fear into curiosity!