Friday, May 16, 2008

for instance...

there's a certain dissatisfaction I get from instant gratification. in photography. in general. i feel like everything is so easy. so done for us. where's the imagination? where's the waiting? since when did waiting for something so good, become so bad?
so let us generalize, for space sake, one area. photography. maybe it's because i was a photography major in the days of film. forced to get dirty. my chemical-soaked hands reeking of "photo lab" everyday for 4 can wonder.
don't get me wrong. i love the simplicity of a digital point & shoot. the portability. the unimaginable number of photographs it can hold. but there's nothing like waiting. viewing a contact sheet of half mediocre shots...amazed, because you forgot. you forgot that expression. you forgot how green the grass was. you forgot how you felt the moment you captured that image. until now. looking at that contact sheet.
lately i've been craving my old school ways and pulled out the old Yashica 120mm. the images are mediocre. if digital, the lighting could be perfected. everything perfect. instant. no human flaw. i look at these images and instantly get rushed with the good feelings that come with them. a friend, truly happy. a great companion. but i had to wait for it.

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