Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, it's official...

...Nashville has turned into Redneck Hollywood.
So far this summer, they were spotted by yours truly:

Bill Bellamy - 3 Crow Bar, East Nashville
Ben Folds - walks by my work window everyday, Music Row
Eddie George - Hills Center, Green Hills
Nicole Kidman - Whole Foods, Green Hills
Keith Urban - Whole Foods, Green Hills
Jon Bon Jovi - Sony Tree bldg., Music Row
Richie Sambora - Sony Tree bldg., Music Row
John Corbett- downtown Nashville (whom i just realized during 'Google imaging' that he resembles George Bush. especially here.
Jenna von Oy - Starbucks, West End
Dierks Bentley & wife - Margot, East Nashville
Whole Foods, Green Hills
Eastland Cafe, East Nashville
Walking down Woodland St., East Nashville
(i think they might be following me...but then again, those are the only decent places to eat on the east side)

And then lots of other random country stars at work functions, #1 parties and the like.
ah, geez.

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theblondemule said...

Yeah, but did any of them fall to the ground & ask you for pain pills?