Monday, November 10, 2008


there's something really romantic about ritual. my daily living seems to bring an assortment of giddy excitement & quirky instances with a side of uninteresting craziness, disarray and much so, that I'm now forcing myself to aquire a daily enjoyment in some shape or form...anything--big, small, mundane or meaningful. a ritual. morning tea. 10 minutes of reading. create atleast one thing everyday. anything.
so, goals: find something that brings me pleasure and do it once everyday. more specifically, something that makes me slow down, soak in my surroundings and remember all the beauty and repulsion that this life, daily, will throw in my face. appreciate it. good and bad.

specific goals:
be mindful, wake up earlier, drink more tea, stretch frequently, read-not in bed, make something daily, adopt a responsible habit (financial organization), get UNcomfortable.
starting now.


Tina Sparkles said...

you, you, you. it's all about you. UGH.

hahaha- no really- you go girl. drink that tea. read those books. you get comfortable.

i'm enjoying this jessica.

miss you guys-

she said...

hello jess. this is random, but:

1. i really like this post and the motivation behind it. i've felt the compulsion lately to "clean up" as well. maybe autumn brings on these strange feelings. i don't know.

2. wanted to just let you know i blogged about tea towels today and included you in the entry - i bought some tea towels from you this summer, for myself and for a wedding gift. well, your whimsy tea towel now hangs in my friend's kitchen in England (!) and mine hangs in my kitchen in...well, illinois. anyway, it's not like millions of people read my blog and the mention is going to send hordes of people to your shop...but if it was me, i'd want to know anyway :) please visit if you'd like:

have a lovely day.

Emotional Mullet said...

It is all about you.

And also...

my word verfication for this comment?


BabySquids said...

oooh.. me likey!