Thursday, February 12, 2009

HelpTylerPay gentleman friend got into a bicycle accident, broke his hip in 3 places and is without insurance.
His Baptist Hospital experience consisted of an ER visit, surgery with a bad-ass Dr. Kurtz, 2.5 day stay in the geriatric-filled joint-replacement wing of the hospital, lots of pain medication and physical therapy.
The future holds multiple follow-up x-rays, physical therapy sessions, pain medication and Dr.'s visits.
Can you say "$$$CH..CHING$$$?" That's alotta 'bones'. (pun intended)
Anyhow...for the small handful of folks who might actually read this blog from time to time, if you're feeling warm-hearted and generous and would like to donate to his medical expenses, I have created a Paypal account solely for his MedBills.
***Also, all proceeds for purchases made at Etsy shops theorangebicycle and flannelchannel will go to the "HelpTylerPay" cause.***
Send any donations (xS to xL) to or feel free to send well wishes, experiences, stories, correspondence and the like. If you're not an E-pay person and would like to send a check, please contact me at the same email address.
I am very aware that many of us are currently in financial dire straits so $1 or twenty of them would be whole-heartedly appreciated.

1 metal rod through femur, 2 screws, & 1 wire holding departed bone chunk into place = "Open Reduction Internal Fixation"

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Hannah said...

Yikes. This really sucks. (pardon me for stalking your blog)...