Tuesday, April 14, 2009

im in love with a doctor.

maybe you've seen him lurking in the snack isle's of your organic grocery store. his name is Kracker. Doctor Kracker. and he tastes delicious. and he's oh, so crunchy and full of pumpkin/sunflower/flax-seedy goodness.
at $5 a box, i think Im going to have to pull some major frankenstein shit and make him myself. can't be too hard, right?
(results of operation "Make Dr. Kracker" to follow)


chester copperpot said...

regarding your "about me" - i tied my dog up once. boy, did he show me. chewed right through the damn leash. what can i say? he does what he wants.

Emotional Mullet said...

donde esta mi Dr. Kraker?