Friday, June 26, 2009

inspiration holster

so, pretty soon the orange bicycle will be on the backburner and new interests will take over. i'm over the crazy busy print-whore mass produced style fabrics. i don't desire to bare these fabrics myself so why am i making things with them? i just wanted to sell? i suppose. anyone can buy some etsuko furuya fabric and make a bag, a pouch, a "______". right?
so now, i have to be a good seamstress. pay attention to detail and not let the busy fabrics hide the lack of creativity.
natural. used. flawed. unisex. old. battered. loved. story-filled. original. classic is what i crave.
i want to make what i myself would desire to retrieve.

new ideas in the making and a new shoppe in the works. new name. new style. lots of new inspirations. one of a kind. practical. motivating. enjoyable for me to create. ( #1)


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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

fantastic! i look forward to seeing how this new direction unfolds