Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we love bobby.

really. not one person can say a bad thing about him. and Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville wouldn't run without him, or his wit. (per below)

email from Bobby, re: 1st Floor dishwasher.

We have just replaced a DISHWASHER in the Admin bldg. The dishwasher is designed to wash and sanitize your plates, utensils, etc. It is NOT a DISPOSAL.
The reason we replaced the dishwasher is the food particles that were not cleaned off the plates clogged up the drain line and therefore burned up the pump motor. No pump, no drain, no dishwasher! You get the picture.
Everything is okay. No one got hurt. Damage control was done and everything is back in working order and there is joy in Mudville again!
However, may I suggest that you scrape your plates in the FOOD DISPOSAL after eating; rinse the plates in the SINK; and then place them in the DISHWASHER. This may prevent down time for repairs and/or replacement and not to mention the cost of a new machine.
I know this email sounds WISHY WASHY, but it's really just FOOD for thought. Hopefully, the message will SINK in and everyone will enjoy the many things that Sony provides for us.
As always, I thank you in advance for all your help and cooperation.

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