Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DAY 3, 4 & 5: raw milk & demolition

DAY 3: yesterday, i would have murdered someone for a god damned burrito. it was a good test of will though---watched T eat Baja Burrito and later offered to go pick up a pizza for the hard-workin boys and smell it in the car all the way home. damn. that. was. hard.
however, today, i actually feel really great and satisfied with the milk and fiber drink.

DAY 4: back to the real job and taking a break from demolition. seeing as my favorite pastime at work is to rummage the fridge and snack all day, it was way harder than DAY 3. i had no floor-sanding or errand running to keep me busy.

DAY 5: well, it's only 9:22 am this Thursday morning and the true test will be tonight at Imogene + Willie while working the taco truck. no cold beers or 'icepicks' to keep me refreshed while slingin hot tacos in the sweltering RV, where frying fish raises the tempurature a good 10 degrees. no sneaking in a quinoa taco here, a piece of fish there.....

as far as demolition goes, my sweet Ben: makeshift contractor and wayfaring buddy--is gone and Im left to my own devices. he did all the hard work...knocked down the wall, placed the cedar beams, did some awesome support work in the attic, rearranged and improved electricity, helped me rip the floors and get most of the gunk off...now i just need to finish sanding, seal, put up some trim and voila! easy.........easy?
thank you Ben, whatever country you are in at the moment...I wouldn't have done it without you. i toast a large glass of milk to you.
(demo photos soon)

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