Monday, October 15, 2007

first blog, first post.

okay, so I'm blogging. it feels good. it feels right. it feels like one martini down..2 olives. this isn't going to be one of those publicly interesting fun-blogs, so please--all you blog-judgers out there--refrain. you already attacked my comrade imacookoo, who's blog is full of fun, found and made-by-her awesomeness. my man, mr ethos, also will be creating a blog soon. his daughter's (we'll call her maddog) 13th b-day is coming up and it will document every day (or every few days) of her 13th year in life. name to come soon.

this blog will probably contain a clusterfuck of arts/crafts/sewing, creative envy, and maybe a little personal purging along the way. other inspirations also came from
emotional mullet, who teaches me things from excel and company benefits to emotional support in times of need. (thus the mullet) thanks emo-mul.

so, sitting here at my desk at
work on a monday morning in an unusually & freakishly hot october, i'd like to look back on the awesome weekend i had. sister flew in from california on friday night, went to Robert's country western bar for Caryn's b-day where a mad fit of sharpie tattoo applications occurred, got really drunk on cheap beer, woke up the next morning, went to Octoberfest where more beer was consumed to feel normal again, only to be followed by the Nashville's best reuben and deep fried oreos.
after Hotoberfest, mr ethos, maddog, myself, my parents and my
sister&beau went to Arrington Vineyards where we brought a picnic of fun little delectables and drank wine on a balcony while the sun was setting, sitting in amazingly carved wood table and chairs...all while surrounded by vineyards. (and a peek at the interstate). good family fun. and the best part was chilly enough for a scarf--it's about damn time.
sunday brought on house cleaning, a jog, and a road-trip-search for the perfect hot pink hair dye for maddog. of course it was found at Sally beauty supply, and the remainder of the afternoon was spent bleaching a significantly sized underneath hair chunk of maddog's hair only to be zapped hot pink an hour later! mr ethos threw some pink in his too, but the grey rejected the pink. "i'm here to stay!" said grey. his sexy salt and pepper locks are now more of a periwinkle and pepper. still sexy. i am also sporting some pink. family's who dye together, stay together.
then I had to go work at the bar. now im working at work. music publishing in a cube.
this was fun.


Emotional Mullet said...

Congratulations on your first post, Orange Bicycle! I like the name. I like the stuff. I like the hyperlinking. Hyperlinking is fun on the ole bloggy-blog. I'm glad Mr. Ethos will be creating a "Day-In-The-Life of Maddog" blog. You guys will have fun coming up with names for it.

nichole said...

nice. i approve.

Meghann said...

bon, bon, bon! Loving the pink :)

Dad said...

Yay! Deep fried oreos! We need to figure out a way to fill those with vitamins and minerals so we can eat them everyday and feel good about it.