Wednesday, October 17, 2007

one fish, two fish, red fish, sea bass

i like fish. last night was my parents' 59th birthday (11 days apart) and we went out to dinner and had some good food, good drinks and got rowdy. i don't know if I have ever had such a variety of 'creatures of the sea' at one sitting. dad and sis got the sea bass, mr ethos and i got the rainbow trout, mom got the shrimp, pam got the mahi stuffed and baked with shrimp and scallops,( john and rick got some land-roving beast), we all shared a variety of apps including, but not limited to: ahi tuna sashimi, calamari, crabcakes, and shrimp & scallop ceviche. it was a tasty tasty night, washing all of this down with ketel one tonics and 'tini's.
mr ethos and i were on our best behavior, as usual, and we were totally "that table" that snapped pics with 150 watt flashes every 3 minutes. it was awesome. oh-and upon viewing of said pics, i realized my middle finger is really crooked. in fact, both of them are.
so, since I've picked up some shifts at the bar after work, i feel it's annoyingly cutting into my precious sewing time. mama do not like. i'm really into making wallets for guys right now since they're not the mainstream in the market of 'arts and crafts'. yeh, they get some silkscreen shirts, etc., but we have it all. purses, skirts, wallets, clutches, wristlets, cosmetic pouches, the possibilities are endless. boys need some homemade goodness in their lives too. mr ethos has inspired me with his specific instructions for a non-wallet, and I believe this will be the new black. (in my domestic fantasies) i can feel it. photos to follow. he has his own arts and crafts...throwies. him and maddog made some one night and spattered the town with their ominous glow. (look closely at the bottom of the arrow sign)
speaking of mr ethos, his post of maddogs 13th year of life is up. this, actually, might be the new black. thirteenthreesixtyfive

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