Friday, October 26, 2007

maddog turns 13!!!

so last night we celebrated maddog's 13th birthday!!! 13!!! it's unbelievable. she's friggin 13!

she chose PF Changs, always a winner, and had 2 of her friends along for the ride! the ride of teenage-dom! a good time was had by all, and they ended our chilly & drafty dinner with some
after changs, we headed back to the house for more cake (a mini) and presents!!! she received the sewing machine she asked for...of course!!! i was thrilled she wanted one!! among other treats, there were her Tom's shoes, some clothes and goodies from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson, clothes from us, and a carrying tote for her Janome! now, it's life from here on out...with a teenager! (dun dun dun...) she is the best teenager anyone could ever ask for...and a great pseudo-stepdaughter!
mr ethos, of course, was behind the camera the whole time, so there are no daddy/daughter pics...we'll have to fix that this weekend at her official birthday party! (for more birthday fun, please see mr ethos' blog)


leslie said...

happy bday maddog!
love your new janome. it's japanese. pronounced ja-no-may. if you want to sound really cool. you can tell people it means snake eyes. for real.
enjoy 13. it's a good year.

leslie said...

and to the party thrower.
you did an amazing job.
i wish i was turning 13.