Friday, November 2, 2007

veggies & me = bff

FACT: eating in my cubicle isn't awesome.
i love vegetables. i also love the harmonious combination of these particular vegetables on this particular pizza at a particular chain restaurant. (ehem...California Pizza Kitchen) red & yellow roasted red peppers, japanese eggplant, caramelized onions, garlic & herbs married with goaty deliciousness. if i weren't sitting in my cubicle, it might taste better, or atleast not have that multi-people-using-office-toaster-oven taste (which can range from a variety of left-overs, fish sticks, cinnamon bagels, pop tarts, veggie burgers, toaster sandwiches and the like). now I'm not one for chain-eating, but this 'es-eich-i-tee' is good.

QUESTION: why does a california-themed restaurant give you a basket of bread before you're about to scarf down a pizza?
ANSWER: anyone?

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Meghann said...

mmm i can still smell that pizza...... i think it's just about greek salad time :)