Friday, November 2, 2007

time to get on the ball

first off---my friend Meghann wanted me to make her a bag out of this old shirt she had...and it turned out a success!! it was hard working with the lining material (stretchy thick corduroy), but it actually turned out!
so, it's November 2 and if I want to sell any bags/totes/wallets/dishtowels, etc. on my Etsy page, then I better get to sewing! I finally got around to taking a few photos today at work on Meghann and I's daily walk to the coffee shop. she was gracious enough to model for me and my dinky little camera. one of my favorite's is a bag i made from a thrift store pillow case. i finally put a few items in the shop, but it's not very many...must. get. busy.

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nichole said...

ps: i love your model.