Tuesday, November 20, 2007

whole foods and good fabric

so...i finally visited the new and long-awaited Nashville Whole Foods....i could live in the cheese and olive area for weeks, at least. there were so many olives that I couldn't pick one to get. there were so many cheeses that I couldn't pick one. there is so much ready-made food (hot bar, salad bar, desert bar, seafood bar, soup bar, juice bar, coffee bar, pasta bar, tofu's, breads, bisques, etc.) that it took me almost an hour today to decide to leave the place with a salad, an orange, a pint of raspberries and a hunka hunka burnin' cornbread for lunch. not to mention all the sampling I did. ohhh, the samples. this lady who makes all raw foods had samples of her cauliflower w/ cashew cream & cumin salad. all of these tasty products of the earth make me want to chase my dream of food critic even more!
speaking of tasty products of the earth, these are some of the best berries I've had in a while...and in November no less!
I need a whole Saturday for Whole Foods because I never even went down the isles...only the outer vicinity! I can already tell this is going to be bad on my wallet...but good in my belly!
So....i made my favorite bag to date this weekend. I used some of the awesome Japanese fabric I got from Goodness. it's the wood grain fabric, of course, accented and lined with the awesome cream fabric with 'Forest' print. I really wish I could have sheets out of that Forest fabric. I love it. So, I sold two birdy totes on Etsy and 2 to friends...everybody is loving the birdy tote. the only thing that sucks is that the Joel Dewberry bird fabric in that particular color is sold out...everywhere!!! and that's what the people want! i'll have to get creative.

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