Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lotta came!!!

my Lotta Jansdotter fabric was awaiting my grasp last night when I got home. it's really amazing how much fabric entertains me. THANK YOU LESLIE!!! it was packed with awesome fabric and some fun little tidbits dripping with Japanese goodness! i really can't get enough of Lotta Jansdotter. it started so many years ago when her name drew me in b/c my grandmothers name was Lottye, then I checked out all of her amazing designs and I was in love! she has such an organic and quirky style which makes for amazing paper products and fabrics!
this weekend i helped Maddie make a huge overnight bag so she could transfer her many fashions from house to house, with room to spare. I got the idea from the Lotta handmade projects book and it turned out great! (no pictures yet). a small adult could definitely fit in this bag. it's huge. now i have to find the perfect projects for this amazing fabric and probably just keep them all to myself.

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nichole said...

i find myself saying the words, "lotta jansdotta" to myself at random times throughout the day. then i have to remind myself that it's "jansdotter". that leads me to an entirely different train of thought that i won't bore you with. but i just wanted to share with you how you've infiltrated my brain with your fabric talk.