Friday, March 7, 2008

a little piece of warm & fuzzy

well...the past week has proven to be the worst days of my life...not like the soap opera...but like fer reelz yo...the worst. but somehow today i'm able to crack a smile.
leave it up to all my arty peeps out there to bring me some pure & utter joy. small things are cute, yes. but small things created by The Small Object are the best little things around. i think i need all of them. and she's got a cool blog too. quirky. and a foodie, like me!
also my friend Isvett up in long island city(represent!!) who shares my love for imbibing and devine nibbles bestow's her culinary outings (and innings) in Babysquid in the City. fruition for the brain and the palate, if you will...won't you?

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Bethany Hissong said...

I love Sarah's things too! She seems to grab ahold of what she likes and just does it. Your friend's blog is great also!!! I was just about to go to the grocery to pick up some ingredients for new recipes. I think I subsist on coffee all day and then finally eat real food at dinner. (maybe that would account for my moodiness?!!! ha!!)