Monday, April 14, 2008

Brunch & Babies

saturday i had breakfast at Marche' with my good friend Looney. we went solely for the coffee but were pleasantly UNsurprised with our delicious culinary choices...mine-the norm...her's-the special. one day i will get something different. she dined on her leek & goat cheese tart with a wilted salad and I, my strawberries & mascarpone with a side of chicken apple sausage while re-hashing our Friday night of black bean salads, whiskey, and an Alias reunion. season 1. (rembaldi device. agent vaughn. it's all coming back.) SD6 REPRESENT!!!

saturday night i got to hang with my 2 favorite kiddo's, Maggie & Greyson. there were glow sticks, strawberries, hide & seek, a few tantrums, lots of crackers and some show called Backyardigans. again and again and again.


chester copperpot said...

heavens to betsy, that brunch looks delicious.

Bethany Hissong said...

This post is precious... it also made me hungry!