Tuesday, July 29, 2008

mama hung. Over.

uneventful update, for beth. "why no updates?", she asks.

just pulled a Castanza and took a nap under my desk. 20 min.
sipping on a fizzy Santa Cruz 'organic sparkling tangerine flavored beverage from juice concentrates'.
just ate a subway footlong veggie sub. with doritos.
about to drink my Kombucha waiting for me in the fridge...hangover cure. fer realz.
all to soak up all the "Happy Birthday Todd" 2for1 beer's and the 3 am bourbon session i had last night. (this morning)
good bourbon. good session.


me said...

i am SO glad i'm not the only person who has really taken a nap under their desk.

these are proud moments of adulthood.

Sarah Partain said...

Jessie Beth Louise,
If I were in E Nashvegas, I would stop by, give you a hug and drink a big jar of water with you!
Just found your esty page and blog--I love the stuff you sew and am glad to get regular updates of your brain.
Miss you and love you!
Sally Mae