Wednesday, August 20, 2008


well. i haven't been sewing shit these past few weeks. the dog days of summer have brought out a mysterious party monster that apparently requires no sleep, excercise or fresh fruits/veggies. i didn't know i had it in me. seriously, biggest bender ever.
it's been too hot in the studio and i've been too busy being sucked to what? you ask... just too much fun, i suppose.
but--i have been back into my old stock of 120mm film cameras, and i have alot to show for it. so, maybe a little etsy side project?


BabySquids said...

Party Beastie!

shea steele said...

oh shit I LOVE the kitty head!
nice work :)
and whenever you get back to sewing...i have some info for a store that is interested in selling your totes! Let's get together soon.