Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not all are schmucks.

I recently received a parking ticket in one of the Hillsboro Village parking lots. I wasn't aware that we had to pay for parking in these lots, b/c I'm a classic absent-minded over-looker of such things i suppose, but now I know. Anyhow, the ticket offered a dispute option if you went to the website, so I obliged and emailed a friendly " was an honest mistake, but I understand..." email to the provided dispute contact.
With low hopes, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this email the very next day:

Ms. Cheatham,

Thank you for contacting me, and of course I will void your violation. It would be a privilege especially because I believe that earning your future business is more important than punishing you for an honest mistake.

Of course, when I honor a patron's dispute, I sometimes ask a favor in return .... Although my business is operating parking lots, I also work with a non-profit organization organization advocating for Tennessee’s natural treasures, called the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation. Their mission is preserving Tennessee's natural sites, mountains, waterfalls, and wilderness corridors. If you are interested in learning more about their land conservation projects, go to

If you can afford it, contributing the violation amount to the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation instead of sending it to me would be a great service to our community -- I appreciate your considering it, and thank you for your patronage!


What a stand up guy, that Keith...holy shit! As long as your nice, people will respond in a likely manner, hopefully. I feel lucky to have had come across this Keith fella, and would be stricken with sharp guilt were I not to go directly to the website and see what it's all about.

Keith...I salute you. I imagine you must have some haters out there who blatantly disregard parking meters here and there all day long with pancake-stacks of tickets filling their back seats...but I, Jessica, have highest regards to your existence.

Thank you made my day.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

What a good think to know about. Next time I get a ticket in that neighborhood* (actually, it would be my first) I'll have to contact Keith.

*I always park in the B of A lot + if they get me I feel somewhat justified in telling them we have 4 accounts there, my student loan + I have been banking with them for 33 years. But I might be tempting fate.

Carolyn said...

You are going to laugh, but both me and Looney know Keith from our Pangaea experiences. I always thought he was a really nice guy and he would let most people out of their parking violations if they asked-- but around that area he's known as the Parking Nazi, a name that never fit him if you ask me!

josephine said...

Yeah, I totally had a good working relationship with this guy, and have had to call him on several occasions to ask him to clear up some of our employees' tickets-never had a problem with him! But this takes the cake! I figured since we pay monthly for parking he was generally lenient with us, but now I see he's that way with civilians! On a related note: I got a parking ticket outside of the Gold Rush for not paying the meter. It was an $11 fine and I paid it. Two months ago I received an $11 check from metro saying that they have no record of this citation! Maybe Keith works for the metro gov't as well!