Wednesday, November 7, 2007

new stuff

i sold my first item on Etsy!! it was the woodsy birdy tote! very I just need to make some more. i've been doodling around on the sewing machine making little trial things, just messing around. i made some little washable napkins this weekend b/c i'm so sick of wasting paper towels...does anyone feel the same as I?...enough to buy some on etsy? can I sway folks with rik rak? people have said i should make them bigger, like 'dinner napkin' size...but i think the charm of them is how small and cute they are...we shall see. they could be hankerchiefs. i made a new birdy wallet that I think is super-rad. and a birdy wine tote with all my new etsuko furuya fabric. i love that stuff...wish it wasn't $18.00/yard. but it is a very good weight and good quality.
i should be getting my lotta jansdotter fabric any day now!!! i really don't know what i'll do with will probably be on hold for a while until i can find the perfect thing to make with it..i think im gonna have to be selfish and only use it for myself. we'll see.
going to the CMA awards party tonight for work and that means i have to go home and try to find something in my wardrobe that is dressy AND wintery. this might take a while.


nichole said...

i LOVE that wine tote fabric. and i LOVE that wallet. is that several different fabrics? well, i think it looks rad. if i were a man, or didn't pack so much into my wallet & require a much bigger one, i would commission one for sure.

beta & the humph said...

yay! congrats on selling your first item. i hope to see all your little pretties in target very soon.